Projects and Services

CAD@CAM opens up the most economic acquiring of machines and plants.

If the customer
buys according to our technical documentation
installs according to our technical documents with his own or separate manpower
If we
organize designing, planning, installation and surveillance in accordance with our customers

your balance of services and performance will look quite respectable.


Some samples of our success

packaging of serviettes
  • automatic filing with high performance in lattice box pallets
  • picking it up again and putting it sorted into cartons
  • automatic covering with a lid of the filled cartons
  • output: 480 packets/minute
  • isolating, aligning and justifying and inserting into machine binding the boards
airfresh sticks
  • feeding in rows of six and perforating by needles
  • output: 360 pieces/minute
tandem-cardboard binder
  • for stacking fruit in automatic stockpiling
tandem-cardboard binder
  • consists of cardboard packaging
  • automatically assembles the board lying on the ground
  • slicing of carton lids with automatic attachment and final closure
  • automatically palletized
  • the entire plant can be automatically changed and varied in a wide range of formats
  • output: 15 cardboard boxes /minute
  • for quick and automatic change of format of packages for precise and variable use in commissioning
  • stock-keeping of various formats becomes obsolete and a measure and dimension precise adaptation to the really needed format is given
counted stacking
  • of punchings, available in packages that have to be precisely the ordered number
time-controlled transport
  • for splicing of blister cardboard and its counted stacking by driving chains
cardboard closing machine
  • with automatic extraction and counted alignment
  • automatic bandaging/ hooping
planning of fabrication halls
  • to control the number of pieces of spare parts produced with automatic protocols, counting by weight
  • final packaging

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